Delta8 vape

Company Name: Folartech

Hello Everyone,
This is Emily from Folartech,we provide one-stop solutions for vaporizers related to cannabis industry . I am new here,but we’ve got what you guys need.
Currently hot selling : cbd/d8 carts/disposables with different capacity from 0.5ml to 3ml #cannabis-business #cbd #delta8 #hash-and-stuff:vape-carts #vape-hardware #D8disposable
Some pictures posted for your info.

With more info,pls contact at or whatsapp +86 18820239851

I heard 4ml is that new new.


Nah bro the new new is a 40 oz. Two puffs will completely fog up a 10x12 room.


Liquor stores are gonna carry that Steel Reserve 40oz D8 carts.


Yep and to help it blend in they’re going to put a schlitz malt liquor sticker on the side.

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I could honestly see people vaping a phat cartridge from a paper bag. The future 4200 is now!

I would love to see someone throw in half a kg of Delta 9 mixed with MCT into a fog machine in Vegas next month, take a video and post it over here. And that’s what I call a “fat vape cart” :thinking::grin:

What about the terps bro, Fam? Its all about them terps! What percent terps be in that fog high fam?

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Shit I forgot. I stand corrected. Thanks for the heads up bro.

So who’s going to do it???


Edward 40oz cart hands

Tape the carts to you hands. You can’t take it off til you finish atleast one then you get a single hand back. You get the other hand back when you finish the 2nd 40 Oz