Delta t heating system issues help !

So I have a delta t heating system for a pope 2 wiped film or thin film . apparently it goes up past set temperature way up . Have called the manufacturer and they haven’t been much help . Does anyone have any experience with one of these ?

Model sa430s /ph 3 / 16 amp/ 60hz /230volts/ 4.5kw
3/4 hp

Have you been greasing the pump daily as the manual designates? What htf? Runaway heat in the exchanger or entire htf system?

It seems to be a problem with the solenoid valve

It’s new so I’d assume it comes greased from factory

It is a water temperature control unit. The unit has a water supply which needs at least 10 PSI of water feeding the system. The water return has a solenoid valve which seems to stay completely open, draining water constantly. Instead, I assume it should shut after venting procedure is completed, locking water inside the system to keep hot, only releasing a bit at a time to cool. When I close the water return completely, the temperature goes up beyond the set point.

Sounds like you need to read the troubleshooting section in manual. Prob something silly if its new.

My tcu’s run the heating element for temp gains and supply water to cool the heating loop in over temp conditions this bleeding water in over temp/cool conditions

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