Delta Seperations Cup 15 Ethanol Extractor For Sale !

Delta Seperations -

Up For Sale we have a Delta Separations CUP-15 series , its nearly brand new , we purchased this & decided we don’t need it as our other system is good enough for us at the moment. This Won’t Last Long !

Price : $72,500

NOTE : we have a rotovap & other items for sale as well !

Here’s the description from the Delta Separations website -

About the CUP-15: The CUP-15 2.0 processes 300+ lbs. of coarsely-milled plant material in an 8-hour shift. It also boasts the lowest operating expense on the market, with 97% recovery of alcohol tincture from the spent biomass. Our CUP series has been adopted by some of the largest brands in the industry and reviewed as one of the most efficient and cost-effective systems available to craft processors.

Pricing: The base price on the CUP-15 by itself is $70,000.00. & Takes Months to receive

Call / Text / Or email if interested !