Deleted post 123

Deleted post 123…

If you have decarbed, you won’t turn it back into shatter.

How did you decarb? (Temp? Time?)

Water has pretty high energy requirements for evaporation, as such, you are on track thinking it may have prevented your decarb procedure.

Hard to tell without more data…

Why would you use DME, which you know from experience pulls water solubles, on fresh frozen material? (You expect green).

Yes, the mess can be cleaned up.

And there is plenty of information on how lying around here.

I personally don’t know how compatible hexane and zip-lock bags with the corner cut off are, but if you can figure out why that matters then I’m sure we can get you pointed in the right direction.

Why does that matter?

It’s not actually a spoon, its a bomb…


:joy::joy::joy::joy: you kill me


Object of the game is that nobody dies…


:joy::joy::joy: damn thats a good one

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Next time don’t decarb ever if u want shatter, thcA diamonds, live resin, sugar or anything like it


Yes, I believe the correct approach is to get your cannabinoids into hexane and run that against a brine solution.

If you don’t have a sep funnel, a ziplock with the corner cut off will often get the job done. I’ve not tried that with hexane and would suggest confirming compatibility or getting the correct weapon.

We are discussing some very flammable solvent here, I apologize if the quiz offended.