Delete or Delete Please!

Thank you for reading :pray:
I slept it off and I feel a little better.
Delete if needed.
Some cheering up will do! I appreciate everyone’s help, words of encouragement, words of dismissal, literally anything… Y’all have a big impact in my career.


Where did you move to? No need to be specific, just for reference. Cali would be to expensive for me, I would have to move lol

Change is good for the soul. Embrace the new. Make it your own.

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I’ve had a random question to ask for a while but it already seems awkward to ask in this thread. Anywho, few months back i was trying to explain if oil is 73% thc only 730 mg out of the 1000 mg will have thc in it. They kinda couldnt comprehend that even though one gram is always 1000 mg but if only 70% thc then only 700 mg of the 1000mg is thc. Weird having to explain this but then they asked what else is in the oil to make up the extra 300 mg. I talked about other cannabinoids but then it made me wonder about that void of material. Is the rest just unknown cannabinoids or what? Cant be lipids since it went through winterization? Thoughts?

On the above topic, i moved from east coast to midwest to be closer to siblings. If you aren’t happy then move elsewhere to a place that makes ya happy. Job opportunities are everywhere these days. Life is too short to live in a place that leaves you unfulfilled and more depressed.