Dehydrating PG mixture

My pg has too much water in it, can I dump 3A desiccant in it to dehydrate a bit?

what is PG?

Propylene Glycol

did you dry the 3a first to “activate” it?

how much water you trying to get rid of?

Well boiling point us 188.2C so i would vacuum boil the water of


rotovap for the win as @Roguelab suggests!


No take your 3A and activate it. The way you do that is heated in an oven at about 100>c or 212F for about 20-30 minutes. Let cool slightly, then with heavy gloves or better a metal spoon put into a metal can such as 1 pint paint can or if you have a metal can that has screw top lid, and let it cool inside the container to room temperature. make sure lid stays closed so you dont re-introduce moisture into your seives. Once at room temp you can put in into plastic containers or what ever.-make sure you keep container well sealed How much PG do have to dry? How wet is material? 1% 5%??

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I’m with @Soxhlet & @Roguelab on this one. sieves should absolutely work, but with the rotovap you’ll have a visual indicator on how much water you’ve removed rather than having to do math that you probably don’t have the data to perform…you know, like “how much water are you trying to remove, in grams?”.