Degum during decarb

Any magic secrets for degumming during decarb without adding a separation step? Collecting oil from FFE at 5% solvent then going right to decarb in 40L batches daily. This years harvest has an unusually high level that hasn’t been an issue in the past. Don’t really have the space or time to add a separate refinement process but was wondering if anything could be added or done during decarb that would allow these to be screened easier. Screening at 120u during drains at the moment but still not capturing it all. Thanks!

You can degum with enzymes, you’ll need to winterize after though to remove what the gums get broken down into though

If you’re talking about screening gunk out with mesh, then it seems like what you’re looking at is sugars not gums…

One thing you could start with that would certainly help a lot would be filtering waaay deeper… like 1u, not 100.

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I catch a good bit with my 80 screen but it clogs up pretty much after 10L and the 120 aint doing much more but not clogging up through the end.

by winterize do you mean just filter or does that need to be redissolved and froze again? were extracting at -40 initially. will enzymes allow hot filtration or nah?

Well yeah… The reason it’s clogging is because you’re removing so much gunk. You need to persevere and get it all out, use larger filtration setup if need be…