Deepest possible vaccuum on a short path?

A buddy of mine just sent me a readout of his short path tracking software that tracks the perameters of his run. And it clocked his vaccuum at 0.00 mm HG.

I’m pretty sure that’s not physically possible… but I could be wrong anyone got thoughts on it?

It just doesn’t have enough resolution. 0.004 would read 0.00


Do you know what guages he is useing?
Like @Alchemist said the vaccum level is exceeding the sensors range.We use a thermocouple type guage in combination with a few pirani gauges in different locations. Depending on your pumping abilitys and equipment you may be able to reach several decades of vaccum down.


…so like how many microns is that?

His guage probably reads in the 1x10^-4 torr range.

I like how much the vacuum of space varies at the bottom of the screenshot.

wondering if 3x10^-15 is the numerical value for a black hole?

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Not sure, interesting preposal though.

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