Deep Freeze precipitation solution without ultra-low freezer?

I would like to bring my solution down to -65c for a deep freeze precipitation, but unfortunately, do not have an ultra-low freezer at my disposal right now. What other appropriate solutions may the community suggest?

you can dial in temps with a dry ice/methanol/water bath.


So acetone/ dry ice wouldn’t get close to this? That’s what most ppl do when they can’t get liquid nitrogen… It’s a diy cryo… Just stick whatever off in it inside a proper container of course… Most ppl use iso/dry ice, some would say acetone dry ice gets colder

Is this what your looking for? Good luck

Hey beaker what’s the coldest mix I could make for diy cryo…

Btw where do I get that cheaper slow stirring magnetic heating mantle I seen you mention in one your videos, I’m slowly piecing my submilator together. Tried DM you but can’t so sorry to hijack this thread for sec

I have only used dry ice for these labs a few times. I am not the one to ask for lack of experience. I know the theory but I also know the theory of keeping my house clean… and I would not be a good one to ask about that either. :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Is that the same one from the video, or am confused on how they work, I was thinking it was heating mantle too…is the sublimator flat on the bottom? Btw that’s super cheap, freaking awesome

That is his stir plate as requested, he uses a glascol mantle on a pid controller for his heat source.

Ahhh now I get it…I thought heating mantle had to be in housing… Didn’t realize they have some you can just set on top the magnetic stirrer, this is awesome thanks, I’ll stop hijacking now!

I just got a cryocooler on eBay for about $1000, I also see that there are used ultra low freezers for about $1200