Decarbed in my home oven overnight

I decarbed 4 liters in two jars at 250 for four hours. Then I turned down to 200 for two more hours. I turned oven off and left it in over night. This morning both jars are still bubbling slightly. Should I stir and turn it back on until no more bubbles?

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Yes (five character limit)

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Can I heat it too long?

I suppose you can, kind of depends on what you’re using it for. I once tried to burn the last 1% thc out of crude at the max temp my AI would go under full vac and it ended up concentrating it a half percent. So it’s hard to eat into your THC/CBD significantly from a low temp oven, but you may be burning other stuff in there that isn’t THC or CBD. Is this RSO or is it going to be further processed?

Surface area helps alot also, you could out those jars in pyrex pans and get a faster decarb since its thinner than a jar full


BHO Crude

I figured that but don’t want to make any more big messes lol

I plan on running it trough a short path. I want to make a water based tincture.

Water based?

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decarbing in your spd flask is a great solution…

Do you have a solid plan for making it water soluble?

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I am looking for a homogenizer. Have an hlb chart. Have some other documentation. I’ve read I can use lethicin. Also there is a citrus tasting compound that mixes well I hear. Do you? I want to do it inexpensive and at home.

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Water soluble. I want it sublingual.

I did it! Still has not separated after close to a month at room temp.


If you don’t mind me asking, what did you end up doing for the water soluble step? I am iterating through some stuff right now, but haven’t had a solution stable for a month yet. Any clues would be appreciated!

What are you using for emulsifier?

What’s your carrier oil?

Are you trying to mix the emulsifier with oil?