Decarb in reactor under vacuum, burn off ethanol?

Will decarbing in a reactor under vacuum remove ethanol? I would think it would since you’ve lowered the boiling point and you’re cooking at high temps. Higher temps than you would in a wiped film to do the bulk recovery. I’m not trying to replace solvent recovery, just wonder if that last bit will evap.

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Yep, I saw people decarbing in both reactor and rotary evaporator.
The are using heat transfer fluid instead of water for heating, since they are heating over 100C in the jacket or bath.
It will help you to get the last bit of ethanol out, but it take a long time, like 6 hours.
Decarb nicely before through into wipe film is a must.

That’s what I thought. We will also have agitation on it so that should help speed it up.

I do decarb and volitales stripping in the roto, works like a champ wouldnt do it any other way. You might not get as many volitales in a reactor as a roto since theres alot longer distance to travel.