Dark distillate?

Hey guys I’m currently running a 4 inch WFE and am running into problems on this material it’s coming out dark. Not sure if I decarbed for too long, because this was my first time decarbing in a big cook-pot with a lot of crude. I usually use several cook pots and Disperse the crude evenly. Parameters is 78c on cold finger, 175c main body, feed

flask at 80c, and degas chamber at 130c. Please let me know what you guys think, and if it’s possible that I over decarbed. Thank you in advance for any help!!

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Most dark distellate i have created i blame to old dank biomass of Wich extracted
Having a CBN count of 5% on biomass is somewhat My setpoint knowing that dark Distillate is the outcome
THE darkness IS Not because of the CBN
But seems to come hand in hand
0.5% clears most of that darkness in the boiling flask but Gives isomerization
So does a LLE with the crude oil with a hexane /methanol 3% water wash
The hexane side is after distillation almost black (deep red ) and the methanol side after distillation a light amber gold

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Are you noticing flakes or is it just a consistent color that you are seeing come out of the distillate?

Did you do any postprocessing

It could be the opposite issue of not decarbing enough. If small amounts of crude bubble onto the condenser, you can get distillate looking like this. The old “one drop of ink turns the whole water bucket black” effect.


its consistent

No not yet, @Roguelab just advised me on proper LLE, will try that soon. We’re using capna extractors at -50C so we haven’t seen the necessity to winterize or scrub because on other starting material with the same process we’ve been getting solid colors with 94%+

Leads me to believe it could just be this starting material just wasn’t as fresh. There were some bags that had off-putting smells and even a tiny bit of mold. Could this be the issue?

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