Dare to Know Our Hemp Oil Products

Good afternoon all, out there in Future4200 land! I’m introducing our company Active Milligrams, we produce CBD infused personal care and wellness products! We currently sell 3 products, Hydrating Body Lotion, Cooling Salve, and a Heat Gel! Please check us out on our website listed below and reach out with any feedback or comments at the contact info listed. Also, feel free to IM me through the forum. Thank you. Everyone take care and have a good day!


ActiveMG_FLYER.pdf (468.5 KB)

whoa, those are some very bold claims on your flyer…5x better “permeation” compared to what, a rock? 2x better “retention” than your neighbours incontinent dog?


Comparatively tested against products that don’t contain our proprietary ingredient, Bio+. This particular ingredient was scientifically tested to back those claims. Our products / testing take into account the concept of bioavailability and how compounds are broken down naturally by the human body.

So it’s a magical secret ingredient that makes it more effective. Seems legit

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Not magical, proprietary. Scientifically tested in both personal care product industry and pharmaceutical industry applications.

Go to our website, purchase a product and try it out!

Who conducted the scientific testing and where are the results validated?


Can you please explain “Bio+” and it’s application in the pharmaceutical industry?

As per your FAQ on the website, there is nothing to indicate this testing was conducted.
“Does ACTIVEmg have any certifications?” - There is literally no answer.

If Bio+ is using a harsh surfactant or something similar as a chemical permeation enhancer, I’d be concerned as a consumer to use this product.

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Wtf does “dare to know” mean


I’m working to get the testing and results available for review. As for the applications in the pharmaceutical industry our business partner was testing the ingredient as to it’s effectiveness in applications for medication / medicinal applications. Unrelated to our products since we don’t claim to be a pharmaceutical company. Our application as it relates to our products is improve the permeability / retention of CBD to increase the effectiveness of our transdermal products.

“Dare to Know”, as in overcoming the misconceptions of CBD / Cannabis and opening one’s mind to the wholistic, therapeutic properties of hemp through the use of our products. It’s a slogan…

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Is Bio+ just a liposomal base?

Curious about the ‘heat gel’. Is that a capcasin analgesic?

I choose dare


The web site pics need a little work. Something like this doesn’t help your credibility:

Finest hemp, eh?


Analyte - Our company that produces Active Milligrams as a product line and promotes the business has a business license to operate in the United States. We also hold producer / processor licenses in Oregon by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. FDA does not regulate non ingestible products containing hemp, so we’re not required to be FDA certified.

Well, I’d hope you guys have a business and processor’s license… anyways, ISO/ GMP?

Any way to back up the GRAS ingredient claims?

I’m aware, thank you. No CBD product would be FDA certified, let alone this one.

I dare you to know what fuck it means!
Sounded good in my head!

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Breadwinner please check out the ingredients listed for the heat gel. Regarding GRAS ingredients and claims, we verified the legality of the release of our products, the ingredients used in them, and the claims our company is entitled to make about our products. All ingredients used in the production of our products are listed and made available to consumers. Bio+ is a proprietary ingredient and we’re not subject to divulge what it consists of or how it is made. Again, I’m working to have the test results made available regarding the claims of permeability and compound retention. Thank you everyone for your patience!


Probably the best response on here I’ve seen from a slanger. You’ve done well to defend your claims.

Looking forward to the results, and wishing you luck with your product line.


Welcome to future :slight_smile: You survived your first barrage quite well not a single flame war, yet…excited to see if your products claims hold up. Best of luck!