Dallas, TX - Brand New Vevor 5L Jacketed Chemical Reactor

Item Model/Manufacturer: Vevor
Description: Vevor 5L Jacketed Chemical Reactor - Brand New, Never Used. Setup as a demo lab for pitching the business to investors. We are starting a larger scale facility and no longer need this equipment. Everything is 100% New and Working Perfectly.

Check it out on eBay:
Chemical Reactor - https://www.ebay.com/itm/284593302427

Price/MSRP: $1,000 Cash for Everything - Pick Up at our office in Highland Park, TX (Dallas).
Current location of item: Dallas, TX
Follow Us on IG: @RainbowCanna

Maybe enough people will flag your spam to get it deleted…

How is this spam? Lol. I listed my equipment in the “For Sale” section.

3 times

Oh no, cry me a river… I hope I don’t get into trouble for listing different pieces of lab equipment separately. XD
You comments are spam.

The key is…you are supposed to be verified to sell on here, or at least have a longstanding relationship on the forum.

Thanks for the advice, I have made updates. I have nothing to hide.

  1. I am verified. 2) I’ve been on here since 2016, but I created a new profile in 2021 using my new email associated with my new business.

This forum didn’t exist in 2016

Just keep all your sales posts to one thread, that’s not a big ask


My apologies, you’re right - it was 2018** … SMH.

Not trying to be rude but why would somone pay you more then they could buy the exact same from Amazon for less


What’s the total after shipping and taxes? I’ll show you (with Amazon Prime)… Lol.

That’s still less then you have listed on ebay, and does the $1k you have it listed for here include the shipping or just pick up as you have listed?
I do kinda need one of these but if I can just order it from Amazon, brand new with there support. For ~$34 more (or $15 less then your ebay) it’s probably the way I’d go.

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Depending on if he’s really in Highland Park, you’re a stone’s throw from Keller’s & $34 can get you a shitload of burgers & beers car-side.

@MillerliteRN might be able to agree the burgers are worth the price of admission if you can deal with this guy’s demeanor.

I’m open to offers. For $1K, I’ll pay for shipping. It’s all packaged up and ready to go.

kellers is shit and their girls need to lay off the meth

jakes is far superior

Yes, I am in Highland Park (located right next to SMU). I’m actually going to check this out, haha. Bubba’s Cooks Country is also so fire.

Now I’m doubtful.

Wasn’t Jake’s started by someone in the family that owns Keller’s?

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yep! Jake Keller started it which is why it’s so similar.

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@DapperDabMan Let’s dab it up and go pig out.
@Nastyclean I’ll give you a better deal than Amazon if you message me directly.

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