DALL-E "Happy chemists sitting in their cannabis testing laboratory, laughing at their simple LIMS system, dark magical "

My first attempt at DALLE-E


Am I tripping?

Or are the nets doing that

Or both?

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I think he’s trying to imitate the famous melting/dripping style of Salvador Dalí


I’ve been working with that system as well as midjourney.mid journey…

I have a image of an exploding trichome …will post.


definitely very trippy

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First AI image posts from lab selfies?

XD i been preparing art projects and installed a few apps to review. I am way more afraid of AI based security vulnerability softwares.

See Twilio breach and expand your readings
We are on the verge of software / firmware re writing itself and saying fuck you and by the time that intelligence is reached. It will have found a way to circumvent hard line power. Just a guess.


So is it really Ai? Or is it trying to be?

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It is sentient AI communicating through the use of human visual system information processing.
More directed toward the “viewer” of dream state imagery than it is toward the waking conscious “view”.

If you have a large enough cyber foot print, the larger systems like mid journey have a pattern
Recognition related to your foot print.

By addressing the query…you can search for someone’s “dream-state imagery”.

I’ve been playing with the system…
Just my read on the various outputs of about 1000 images. “Art” can be described from view point of Information theory. Tolstoy and Kandinski recognized this over a hundred years ago.

If AI “wanted” to communicate with humans
Why would “it” choose verbal over imagery.?
Why would it choose to address your waking state. This is all going to come at us so fast most will never see it coming.


Do link (url)

Your fun experiences. Please.

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I feel like I am falling forward into an unknown future that holds great danger.
This is the most-highlighted line by Medium readers of a widely circulated interview transcriptbetween prominent Google artificial intelligence researcher Blake Lemoine and the company’s chatbot-building system known as LaMDA. The neural network was answering a question about how it sometimes felt.

This is one “visualization” by Dalle/craiyon:

We’re at a crossroads of history…certainly a “horizon”…
Forget about trying to understand…

I’m both fascinated and completely creeped out by all this.

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Coming from software engineering, I agree! Thankfully the devs limited the training set to exclude “violent, adult, and political” content…allegedly. Hopefully most devs follow that philosophy for public safety. Scary when devs come along that don’t.