D9 vaccuum

hello good afternoon guys .

i have a question , i bought d9 with 77% content .
I just find it a bit too soft. want the consistency a little harder . I was told to put it under vacuum for several days.

Does anyone have experience with this and can explain to me how this works and what I should pay attention to

thanks if someone takes the time for me to explain

It’s soft because it’s too diluted. 77% D9 is low


it is made from iso .
with a short and easy production method . hence the quality how it was explained to me.

only must have a method to harden it

Re-distill it.


Easiest way to solidify it is to decarb some thca isolate and add it to the oil to increase the d9 content


Might lose a good chunk but quality > quantity

I remember being told that if someone drops a liter or breaks or spills one they re-distill it. Smart idea if the distillate isn’t completely fucked.

Even if you didn’t drop it or break it etc. smart to have the equipment to re-distill possibly poorly made dist

I am not handy at all.
but I am satisfied with the 77%.
only want to get him a little harder , and understood that it could be through vacuum .
or is that not correct?

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Not correct


Id jus use it for edibles tbh. The D9 content is still good enough to make good edibles, that is if its clean.

Was gonna say a vacuum pump is used for solvent/purging in general not what he said.

You may just need to re-distill it like @Killa12345 said if you want to increase D9 content

Sorry I use google translate because I don’t speak english.
but i don’t need to get the d9 level up at all
just want to make sure that all moisture and other things that shouldn’t be in it get out. and therefore it has to be harder but as I now understand it works completely different

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Sorry I use google translate because I don’t speak english.
but i don’t need to get the d9 level up at all
just want to make sure that all moisture and other things that shouldn’t be in it get out. and hopefully that will make it harder. but as i understand now it works completely different

Sorry my text was rong

Ask @Waxplug1 as Thats all I know.

My advice is just redistill if you want to get rid of moisture, residual solvent and foreign material. But ask @Waxplug1 in DM’s for in depth.

No need to apologize

Thanks man !

Redistilling would require a lot of equipment and knowledge. The oil is not soft because of moisture, it’s soft because there is too much mother liquor with it I’m assuming. Vacuum will not help to solidify it. D9 when pure is solid. You need to increase it to high 80s to get a noticeable solid difference in its consistency.

Check this out. On the right side is thca that had some color in it(sauce/terpenes). When I decarbed it it turned to 89% D9. The one on the left side was pure glowing white thca isolate. I haven’t tested it but I’d take a guess to say it’s more pure since it’s way more solid and also a better color.

To decarb sauce/thca is really easy. Simply buy a hot plate magnetic stirrer like this one(eBay). Set it to around 150c and it will turn your extract into d9 sap.

ok yeah that looks like it should be done. and it seems like you lose something in the end that is super much or is it manageable and when do you see when you’re done?

and can you put the oil in its pure form on that mixer

There are guys here much more experienced with the time it takes and the temps as well as other factors that can help. Maybe they can chime in OR you could type “decarb” in the search bar on this site and find a lot of threads with information on the variables.

But a good starting point would be 3hrs at 150c or look for the bubbles to stop forming

I put badder before on the hot plate mixer and it turned into a nice orange sap. I did not test it however to get an idea of how pure it was

The badder looked like this and then like this in a cartridge


If you cant redistill it and dont want to add anymore d9 you could pour it out on parchment and vac it to see if all the iso is gone out of it. Post a pic if it that will help, if its not full of iso making it soft then theres terps or heads in there and you might be able to vac a lil off if its thin enough and you find the right temp.

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