D-Limonene Emulsification

Hey guys, I’ve been experimenting with using food-grade D-Limonene as a carrier agent for THC into drinks. My trouble is the emulsification phase. I’ve tried using homogenizers to no avail. Anyone have any input, maybe using a food-grade surfactant? I’m a bit of a novice on the matter so any input is valuable. Thanks!

look up soy lecithin

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Gum acacia


I second gum acacia


Thanks for the feedback, all! Love this community. Just ordered some. Do any of you guys have experience with ratios?

I know lecithin is a 6 to 1 ratio. So for every 1 gram of cannabinoids use 6 grams of lecithin. I’m assuming maybe gum Acacia is a similar ratio it doesn’t hurt to test small batches till you find something that works it’s very easy to measure out dosages and use ratios to scale up. I don’t have experience using acacia but I have heard it is very useful for combining cannabinoids into drinks


awesome, thanks. Should I still use the D-Lim as a carrier? and then the GA as an emulsifier? or just forego the DL and use the Acacia?

I say use the limonene you’ll get the extra benefits that limonene has by reintroducing. Believe it or not you control and guide how one feels by adding the necessary terpenes to your medibles