Cutting distillate with a safe method

Hey, future 4200 I’m new to the website. If this topic has been talked about can you help me point to the right direction :arrow_forward: .my question is what do I use besides ejmix to cut the distillate? I had some issues with vapor extracts weren’t the best of the best. I’m new to this and have been doing some research of my own but some experienced knowledge would be helpful instead of reading off a computer screen. Thank you to anyone who have read this

Many cut with pure terps.


I’m going to point you at the last time this was asked…

Where there are likely pointers to the time before that…and on up the chain.

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Thank you cyclopath for the help and your time, before doing this post I was having trouble with the searchers nothing was coming up but I’m heading to the post and read up on it. Thank you again :muscle:t3:

You’re most welcome.
It’s not like I can help it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was devastated :disappointed_relieved: when @Dred_pirate pointed out that my gratuitous use of diluent as a (posted) search had diluted is effectiveness.

It’s long been vocab fav.

Lots of information on this site we talked about diluents in a few other threads. From what I’ve been able to research pure terpenes are no safer than MCT or PG or PEG. There are some people that do not like the taste or have various concerns using non terpene diluents but the only study I’ve actually seen posted is a study done by a particular CBD reseller with ties to a cartridge manufacturer and there have been quite a few organic chemists on various chemistry boards that have more or less debunked everything he espoused. Most people are essentially mimicking rumors they have heard online or by word of mouth as far as vaping PG PSEG or MCT oils. Some of these diluents will produce formaldehyde when burned or exposed to flame at a high temperature but not temperatures we see in Vape carts and I have yet to see any studies showing what happens to food grade terpenes when exposed to flame or burned at high temperatures


There’s a lot of information just scattered around and gotta do a lot of ready and clicking on different threads. Do you have a link or name of the CBD reseller to read up on. I have done pure terpenes and the carts I’m using clogs it up. Is there a preference you guys like to use to diluted with.

Ya I’ve spent countless hours on here reading the last month or so dredging through old threads and shit. An old engineer once told me when I first got in the oil and gas business since I kept asking for scales, architectural stencils, etc… “If you want to stay in this business you gotta get some tools” and at that moment I felt embarrassed. I went out that weekend and bought one of every drafting stencil, scale and 11x17 tool I could afford. I still have them all and I bring them around with me in my drag up box from job to job. There is a thread with diluent in the title. Start by reading that entire thing.

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