Currently running my first spd. Questions as I go


like 9kg


Lets see?

454g of lets call it 95% THC.

so about 431g of THC.

assuming 75% efficiency (origin of that number is posted around here repeatedly), you’ll need 431g /0.75 = 575g of THC to start with.

lets imagine you scored 10% THC trim. 575g / 0.1 => 5750g
suggesting approximately 5.75kg is required.

caveat: actual efficiency will vary a little by operator & methodology. probably in the range of 60-80% (at a guess).


SO Whats up ?
Still gooing 4 it


Yeah. I’m just winterizing the shit out of my oil. Probably gonna be next week as my actual occupation has kept me really busy. Thanks for lighting a fire under my ass. I’m just gonna grab some dry ice tomorrow and finish my winterization.

Thanks homie for looking out still. And yes. I’m still planning on running


I would like to ask the knowledgable people here a question though…

I was only planning on using one pump my first run BUT i have 3x identical pumps here all capable of pulling down to 7 micron. I was thinking of putting 2 of them on my SPD but im thinking i might be biting off more than i can chew.

I have plenty of KF25 tees, crosses, clamps and gaskets. I have a few KF25 Bellows Hoses. I think i only need 1 more KF25 blank off valve and i should be good to go.

Do you guys recommend i run 2 pumps for my first run or just 1? The pumps werent exactly expensive and i have plenty of pump oil.


Boiling flask size?
The pumps cfm size?


The BF is 500ml and the Pumps are 14.6cfm i think. Most companies i see selling these pumps pair them with 2l and 5l short paths. I figured one would be super overkill for my tiny short path. Thanks


Cfm wise your good with 1 pump! Add a diffusion pump if you want to go lower under the limbo stick.


If u really want to utilize the extra pumps, then u can use two very nicely. Use one for your heads fraction and soak that oil up with those nasties and use another pump solely for main body. Using two at the same time is not gonna get you anything better than one, but using one after the other during distillation is a huge improvement over 1 pump


That was originally the plan. 1 of the 3 pumps will only get down to 8-10 microns. I was going to use that one for my heads fraction, and have a second one for the main body. I think for my first run or 2 i will just run one pump. Eventually the plan will be to incorporate the second pump so i can switch to a new pump for my body fraction.


So I have been blessed with running a KDT-6 the last year but tomorrow I start my first SPD run…
My first question is when is the best time to load in oil? Should I load in boiling flask immediately following decarb and let solidify overnight then start run next day? Also when should I add the stir bar in?
I did a dry run today and am pulling 55-50 micron on the bullseye, I believe that is low enough and my Edwards pump is running to standard. I think I’m confident enough to start her up.


Load the crude after decarb while still hot 100c.
Set your mantle to 90-100c, drop your stirbar in and assemble your aperatus. Use your vacuum valve to SLOWLY evacuate the aperatus. You do not want to the distillation to “bump” .


:+1: have a great ride


What kind of pump were you running on this first run?