Currently running my first spd. Questions as I go


Then mason and freezer it goes. Ladies and gentlemen. Fuckin thank you. You guys literally stuck with me for 7 hours. And because of you I went from being terrified and semi clueless… to 2 flasks of distillate. Learned a lot for sure! I noticed my second flask darker for sure. And noticed the tail switch. Now standby for part two, the second pass haha. For real tho man, if you read through this, I don’t have to explain my gratitude. Thank you people. Thank you so much. Goodnight all


Nice work.

I never read anything about your chiller temperatures.

What were they?


Congrats! its a great feeling finishing your first run.
Second pass is a breeze, don’t worry
make sure you clean everything out before you start your second run.
I dont worry about cleaning my system going from second pass to the next first pass but anytime im “finishing” some distillate, i make sure to start with a totally clean system.
Pull vac on it dry (not even dry ice in your cold trap yet) for 20 minutes to see how low you can go, if you are satisfied, load her up, if not look at your grease work on your joints.
Then after you have loaded your distillate, pull vac again for an hour before starting your run.
Doing that gets your system all the way down to its lowest point so when vapors start appearing your pump doesn’t fall behind at all.


My chiller was set at 40c. I pushed it towards 45c at the end. And thanks for that^^^. I’ll be back for round two tomorow :slight_smile:


The numbers will stay constant while in a fraction. keep going till 220*c


Let know in advanced When your up to
Make sure i have front row tickets :grinning:


Appreciate that man!!!


I’m not sure if it was answered but your mantle should be set to 220C. Your head temp should not be reaching 220C.

Overall, seems like you pulled off your first run decently. As with anything, practice will make you better. On your second pass, volatiles are out and heads/tails are much more limited. Your main goal on a second pass is to pull “tight” fractions. This means switching flasks between heads and main body needs to be done at the right time and heat needs to be turned off at the right time. Even a a little heads/tails in your distillate won’t entirely ruin it and you’ll get much better at seperating them.

Congrats on getting your setup to run though! Always feel free to ask more questions.


Day two. New batch. :slight_smile: thanks again guys


That looks like you did good. Did you degum before distilling?


Dont fear the reaper baby!


Not even completely sure what the degumming process is, but it’s been winterized, rotovapped and decarbed


I just noticed the 1000ml cow. Hides in shame with my 250ml cows. Keep up the good work!


Your gonna want to look into it. Chexk out summits ez degumming. There are alot of forums on this site about the topic . also alot of info on the web about degumming veg oil. Its kinda an important step acording to the lititure. As phospholipids will degrade at those high temps and will cause a fishy oder . thats why degumming to remove them is important. Thats atleast what ive gathered from the lititure.



The only thing I don’t like is this red that keeps showing up. The yellow that comes out right at the tip of the condensor doesn’t show any red to the eye but I feel like it’s contributing to the amber color of the distillate.


Haha brotha, I added the 1000ml flask because I over flowed the 250 yesterday on my first run. I was forced to use my tails flask. So I ordered new larger recieving flasks.

And I will for sure look into the degumming! Thanks for that


Did you clean out you condenser from last night?

I’m sure you can carbon scrub it between passes to clean it up some too. Thanks for the show. Taking notes.


Beautiful… About time someone BALLSed up!

Badass and you have no idea the contribution you just did…

Think I just heard 3noobies slide forward 5 spaces!!! Score



Haha. This forum was lit as fuck that night haha. So good. I have so many hobbies and have used so many message boards over the years. Non compares to the results and help like this place. Y’all are a bunch of fuckin savages :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: