So I am just starting out on a cup30 using -40c ethanol. I’m just kind of looking to understand more about the machine and get any Insight I can on how to be efficient and get the best product I can out of the cup30. Any help would be appreciated.

You can change the factory settings for longer times and faster RPMs … the agitation cycle can be altered to help with results


How do I change the factory settings? I’m literally just starting on the cup30.

What would you suggest I try with regards to changing the agitation cycle?

And I am running at 1-15 min cycle and 1-5 min cycle.

From what I understand it won’t go higher than the 15 mins.

If you’re in Oregon, I am happy to stop by and give you some tips. I used a CUP 15 for about a year and a half.

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Naw I’m in Cali yo.

Hit up Delta, they will will help you with a SOP. Are you using the kegs?

Yeah. I have 30 gal kegs that I use.

If you’re really struggling to change the parameters, I can hop on the phone and talk you through how to do it and what my preferred cycle times are. Help from Delta is kind of a joke.

Where at in CA? I’m fairly familiar with operating a CUP15. Could possibly help out if you’re in the Bay Area.

You can hit the agitation button then hit the sq where the rpms are and it will take you to a screen that allows you to adjust. It will not go faster than 150RPM. Same with all the others.

ok that’s kind of what I was looking to see. max speeds and what not. I was trying to see if I could change up how we are doing extraction. but it seems we are set up pretty well or at least in line with everyone else thank you for taking the time to try and help

Its all about starting material too… I have customized my setting on the agitation and this last run I did for my customer got more crude than another customer of mine who gave me more to run. This last run was basically all flower.

I know this is an older post, but where in Cali are you? Im in the L.A. area. If you need help with the delta let me know. Been running them for awhile now.