Cultivation Start-up. Seeking LOI

Hello All! I have been a long time follower of Future on IG and finally decided to pop my head up on here.

I hope this is the right area for this, and it is not too strange of a request.

I am working with a non profit organization raising funds to start a large hemp farm, but they want proof that companies are willing to purchase the product we grow. This feels asinine to me, but I am only doing what is asked of me.

This is where I hope the GLG can help; Would anyone be willing to have a 24 hour LOI for up to 200,000 pounds of hemp with current market pricing?
Our estimate of potency is between 10-14%
This LOI would be non binding and just a representation of Current Demand.

This may be a lot to ask for and I REALLY hope it doesn’t make me look like a total ass out the gate, but through my ventures in this industry I have yet to meet anyone working at that scale.

You guys have been extremely helpful and I greatly appreciate all the open source knowledge.

I hope to hear from you guys soon!



had to read that 3 times to wrap my head around it…

hey, will anyone promise to take 200,000 lbs a day, you don’t actually have to mean it…

is trivializing the problem, but seems to be what you’re asking, and I agree it doesn’t really achieve a whole lot.

there are a number of larger scale producers and processors lurking around here, and I seem to recall there being at way of poking at all the @Verified_CBD_Lvl2 at once :wink:

maybe one of them can “say it like they mean it”?
which is I guess what your board members are after.

Basically, you summed it up well.:joy:
I mean, all options are on the table at this time.
I’m sure my board would be interested in a full executable contract.

Thanks for the response @cyclopath

Really do appreciate it.

After reading your other post on the subject I believe the correct paraphrase is closer to

Can anyone promise for a day that they will buy 200,000lb of hemp from me? You don’t have to mean it, because I don’t have the hemp yet.

I feel your board members pain. Given the DEA’s current stance, working on throwing out the Single Convention might should be a higher priority.

so you are asking… to draft a LOI… just to show someone…somewhere may want to buy at 200,000 units at some point… and get these people’s dicks hard… then what? im confused

Would you still be profitable at half the current market pricing? If so, use that instead. This is on the same level as asking someone for a proof of life or COA to use in a deal.