Cultivation and Grow Equipment for sale

We feature 45 exclusive leading brands, including Gavita, General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Vermicrop Organics, Sun System, and Sunlight Supply.

DM me to learn more about our Wholesale pricing!

What’s your MOQ dollar amount versus dealing with Hawthorne directly? How is your markup as a Hawthorne reseller? How are your prices compared to Hydrobuilder and GrowGreenMI online?


MOQ is 3,000 to get free shipping within the States. Check out our website for pricing. We are priced more competitive than hydrobuilder and growgreenMi.

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Care to name existing clients as a referral?

Everyone says they can beat grow green, I still have yet to see anyone pull it off


Hey Pastsy, Thanks for making us aware of your Brand and pricing structure. The Hawthorne team is interested in your pricing.

Hey greentax! Go shill somewhere else, or back up what you say. If your priced more competitive then grow green prove it, I didn’t put those words in your mouth.


We offer a much larger selection of Quest units than the single 205 on your website. Our price includes a free Air Mapping service for the grow which is a 10k value.

I too invent services with insane price tags and then comp them in an attempt to make it look like I’m adding value.

“Free hydrocarbon flow mapping worth 100k is free with purchase of lab design buildout”


All that glitters is not gold

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I never knew how to spell braciole before

Always thought it had a z

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At we make sure you learn something every day whether you want to or not