Crystallized Distillate

Are people buying crystallized distillate? If it’s just going to crystallize wouldn’t it be better to just take it to isolate? Or do people like have a full spectrum that crystallized to further work with instead of just straight CBD isolate?

Depends on content
Most go to isolate for no means of remediating thc
Thus if thc is low yes people like cristelized distillate

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Cool thanks

Nothing wrong with crystallized distillate. All you do is warm it up and it goes back to liquid.


We love crystalized distillate. We melt it into pancakes so it’s easy to break up into the quantity needed. Easy full spectrum product

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Does it recrystalize when it cools back down?

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Yes of course.

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Yes, depending on method used, and depending on cbd content, can take anywhere from 2 days to 4 weeks to crystalize fully. We heat ours up and pour it into pancakes, then when it is slightly cooled we poke it with a fork all over, this speeds up the process tremendously. It’s fully crystalized in about 3 to 4 days.