Crystal resistant hot disti 900$ / kg

We have some reclaim disti we made that came out mid 60% cbd so it hasn’t crashed in over 2 weeks sitting. Got a decent color just low potency.

900$ per kg.

We will also have traditional high 70s low 80s hot disti coming up shortly for 900$/kg if anyone is interested. Can go lower if your buying bulk of course. Let me know


@Estokha posted this in the wrong thread…


It’s a race it’s a race except nobody wins lol


Actually the last one to the bottom wins!!! :joy::joy:


Here’s the COA for our more potent hot disti. It also hasn’t begun to crystallize. And it’s been sitting for 8 days now.

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Hi, i’m shopping around for crystal resistant in bulk and your’e price per kg is great. Given your COA and price am more than interested but, i’m ignorant to the fact, as to how one should go about buying and transporting “hot” distillate. Can we use another means of correspondence? My email haleyprice1988@gmail/