Cryometrix LS-80 in crate for sale

Item Model/Manufacturer:LS-80
Description: 2 coil, still crated never used.
Price/MSRP: $ 60,000
Current location of item: Northern California
Estimated lead time: 3 Days
Fulfillment: TBD
Direct from seller

User support / Warranty:

Still available?

If the listed L80I has sold, please note that I have a few similar units in stock and can offer them at a comparable price. Should you require more information or wish to explore these options, please feel free to let us know, and we’ll be happy to provide further details.

Item Model/Manufacturer: CRYOMETRIX L-80 LITE CHILLER

Description: The L-80 Lite eliminates the use of ultra-low freezers and allows a homogeneous temperature of your chilled liquid.

Price/MSRP: $60,000

Current location of item: Georgia

Estimated lead time: in-stock

Fulfillment: in-stock

User support / Warranty: Precision Extraction Solutions Support