Cryogenic Freezers & Lab Equipement for sale

Item:Hi, I am looking to sell my slightly used Lab Equipment that are all in great working condition. Listed below are the items for sale:

So-Low U85-18 Ultra Low Temperature Laboratory Freezer

(Temperature Range: -40C to -85°C)

Revco Scientific -86°C Ultra Low Lab Freezer

(Temperature Range: -40°C to -86°C)

Thermo Scientific™ Puffer Hubbard LR Series High-Performance Lab Refrigerator

(Temperature Range: +1°C to +8°C)

Damon/IEC Division CRU-5000 Centrifuge (Have 2 Available)

(Temperature Range: -0°C +20°C)

Photos and pricing is available upon request. All equipment listed is in great working condition, and all tested to ensure everything operates properly.

Location: Redford, Mi.

Price:Available upon request


Can you dm me photos and prices. Thank you

give me your e mail plz


Is any of this equipment still for sale and if so can I see pictures and pricing for them? Thank you

Also would like pictures and prices

So-Low Photos:

Operational Video Link:

Puffer Hubbard Photos:

Operational Video Link:

Revco Photos:

Operational Video Link:

CRU-5000 Photos:

Sorry For The Delay !!!

plz see ad

yes it is plz look at add for pics ! Thx

yes plz look at the add up load them there thx !

Hello, can you send pricing on the units you still have available. What is the best unit for a boutique extraction lab for winterization? thank you

So-Low U85 Ultra !
Price $5750
That Unit Goes Down to - 80


@tenaciousxtracts, is any of the equipment still available?

yes it is ! wha are looking for ?

@tenaciousxtracts, I’m looking for a freezer to get ethanol dow to -40c in large quantities. I’m going through 40 gallons of ethanol per hour.

were are loc? ill gave you a deal on the So-low and the other one Brother …



I’m on the east coast in Virginia in the Richmond area.

would you come here? or are you looking to have it delved to you ?

Hello!! What is still available and could you send pics and more info please,