Crude smells like amonia

Hey guys I have a client that has combine material that I’m running, combine smells like turds anyways but the crude smalles bad like amonia while and after decarbing. Whats the reason for this? Thx

Maybe mold


Did you winterize or run extractions warmer than usual. I’ve noticed a fishy smell with decarbed but unwinterized material.

Everything is winterized and filtered so most mold should be gone. Only thing I can guess is that it’s because it was combined and then put into a giant ag bag for about 2 months befire drying. It’s extracting 10% bio to crude but the smell… Probably because the bio was starting to break down before it got dried. Hopefully it doesn’t translate into the distillate.

Such an unfortunate problem. I’d try a liquid liquid extraction, maybe wash with an acidic neutral and basic pH that might help.

I have gotten that ammonia odour from crude that was ran with iso. Are you decarbing in the boiling flask? I ask because I decarb in the bf with my head installed and use the residual ethanol vapours to clean my rig at the same time. The ammonia smell was always accompanied by a crazy white substance that crystallized inside my head. Whatever it was, boils around 120-130c and would completely clear into my heads (which I always discarded).

I was much more pronounced with cheap iso, better with more expensive iso and completely eliminated by switching to etho.

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