Crude Remediation Expansion

Hi Guys,

We recently added crude remediation to our capacity if anyone needs the service. Clients will typically take this oil straight to formulation.

If distillation is necessary, there’s a 30% fail rate - you’d have to crunch numbers, but may be worthwhile to just distill crude then remediate.

We’re also looking for more Extractor/Distillers in Southern California.

What is your capacity and pricing?

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An unverified slanger spamming someone else’s thread on a different topic? Geez man, chill out and get verified before slanging, also get some respect


There’s no verification for us licensed cannabis guys, so don’t bag on me for that

Gotta promote a option for the Northern California guys :hugs:

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Your still spamming someone else’s thread which isn’t very cool


600kg monthly currently. Price negotiable. You have my number, give me a ring - we’ll sort out a quote @TomSCook

@broken_glassware thanks man. Not sure if @Intergalactic is offering color remediation only or other services. If dude is offering the same service as us, kind of salty - why not make your own post. If this is an ancillary value add then I’d be down to see what you can offer @Intergalactic.

@Remedy How can I contact you

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@Jorge DM me your number I’ll call.

@Remedy +16266151073

How much is remediated full spectrum/crude going for these days?

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@MagisterChemist Man keeping track of pricing is rough - generally double the price of regular crude. Our clients aren’t flipping the crude much, they formulate with it into a finished good.

The price of crude is already pretty low and 2x isn’t much better. You’d think remediated full spectrum might actually be kind of valuable because it’s pretty rare and everyone thinks the medical benefits are better the less refinement is done.

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Agreed @MagisterChemist