Crude quicker

We are needing a large amount of crude quickly for edible production and are wondering if room temp etoh will pull a bigger yield (I know it pulls more undesirables the longer the soak) or if it would be easier to do a run in our loop and winterize that… If etoh is the way I know I’ll have to filter it thoroughly and plan on using some celite with it.


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If you’re not set up for ethanol, solvent recovery is your issue.

Define the scope of the problem & list parts on hand…


Will wash in 220 micron bag, if room temp planning on 1:1 gallon to pound, 10-20 min soak. Panda dryer, buchner, roto.

So how big a rotovap do you have.

And what are your actual throughput expectations?

Warm ethanol crude will make for nasty eddibles. I suggest -40C or lower (dry ice) & a tighter mesh on your bags. Sizing your bags correctly so they fit in your panda(s) is important. Filtering down to 1um in your panda by lining it with polyester felt means you can skip filtration post panda. Running at -40 means you can skip winterization. If you follow the lostbiologists tek you should have crude that won’t make your customers barf


It’s a 5 liter, and we’ve been experiencing low yields and bad color on our cold extraction too, which is why I mentioned just winterizing bho

Why would you need to winterize BHO for edibles?

Eating fats and waxes is not a problem.

Huffing them is…


How would you go about dosing non baked edibles with bho?

Decarb BHO. Add to edible during manufacture.

See @MillerliteRN’s gummy thread

How do you imagine using ethanol crude would change the process?!?


Do you know your extraction efficiency? Or the potency of your input/output/spent material?

Changing solvents doesn’t change the amount of target you have available.

Your link is an infinite loop.


Crap!! Good catch.

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Doesn’t the etoh eat at poly?

Wash in a 45iu bag
Spin theu panda spinner theu same bag, then thru a 25iu bag.
Then buchner filter with celite 545 to get all the fines out.



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This chart lists it as “satisfactory”

I prefer polypropylene when I can get it, but have seen no signs of degradation with polyester.

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Man just use N-Heptane if your doing it warm. Crude will be a million times better than warm ethanol.


Since you did both
Wich outcome is better
Warm hexane extract or warm heptane extract
I worked hexane a lot and the fats and waxes are a lot but other than that very little isseus
How is heptane ?


Same exact thing just boils off quicker.
My preference is Hexane but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone that’s not familiar with it. PPE is a must and proper purging is extremely important.


Interesting I’ve always been interested in replacing butane with Heptane or Hexane. I’ve made a lot of carts from cold extracted bho crude that were pretty awesome. I am gonna try it soon but am puzzled by how to reduce/eliminate the fats without winterizing in methanol…

@Xtractorman I don’t think you can. Hexane and Heptane both will pull fats even if you cool them.

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After the extraction Is completed, I wonder if cryo chilling the solvent (Heptane/Hexane) will precipitate the fats in order to winterize in the solvent like it does in butane, and eliminate the need for the methanol step? Really wanna save the terpenes and skip the full distillation process…

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