Crude for e-cigs; thoughts?

What does the community think of putting crude directly into e-cigs, instead of first refining in’to distillate?

probably won’t work well, particulate matter and “other stuff” will clog the atomizer/ char. a little refining here will go a long way as far as the palatibility and shelf appeal of the product.


I’ve done that with a customers split of the crude i ran at his request. The outcome was so so. The crude was properly ethanol extracted at cryo temps, rotovaped, purged in vac oven. 90/10 crude to mct ratio. Word was “so so”.

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Was it carbon scrubbed and/or filtered through celite?


Cryo extracted
Carbon and celite cake
Filtered 2x thru buchner
Then rotovaped
Cut to put in carts


Did you witness any separation and did you guys decarb after purge?

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Decarb was done rotovap and pretty.much finished in vac oven
I didnt notice any seperation. The taste was ok. But 100% of the people I gave out 20 tester carts to all said was so so. This is ONLY (my thoughts) as my people have been spoiled by the distillate carts I make. Their spoiled. Even at 20 a cart for etoh extract, they all would gladly pay 25 for my normal distillate carts. Spoiled people!

But I look at it like this. Why spend 20.00 just for a decent burger, when I can get a waygo beef burger for 5.00 more. Which would you pick?

I dont have any pics of my etoh carts. Imo seperation is caused my peg400/vg combo and or improper extraction, therefore lipids and waxes are separating from the solution.

Even when I tried a 70/30 peg to vg with distillate, I had seperation! Wasted 5g of distillate . Now i ONLY use mct, Terps, and dust for carts


Grateful for all the amazing insights this community shares, time and time again!

Special thanks to you, @Demontrich, for your report of the taste test opinions & tasty analogy.

Think I’m going to have a more than decent burger today :wink:

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I believe you need PG and VG up to 140F before mixing, and you can not use more than 30%VG in your mix. Even at 30%, the VG will cause some discoloration.

I am planning to try myself this soon as an experiment, but I have been researching this for a while.

Believe me, it’s far cheaper, less time involved if my people liked and would buy the etoh vape carts vs the distillate carts. I wouldnt have had to drop 5k+ on my spd setup (glass, chiller, vac pump, misc items). Plus I would have to learn how to properly run the spd and not ruin a batch of profit (crude). This is why I pay super close attention to those who do run short path. I’ll have close to 1lb of super clean crude to run very shortly. But the thought of failing on the spd give me lots of reservations.

haha well ive already basically burned a 3/4lb of crude 350 grams ha. extracted from keif. lessons learned… tried a small batch first and didnt get separation until the 3 week mark (2:1 PG to crude) ditched VG i could not get that to mix at all. i think you’re right though i will be outsourcing disty to a friend from here on out. cant afford another blip like that. then again 10 bucks a vape is the going wholesale rate up here lol

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10.00 a cart and I’ll go back to making 35/hr doing show car bodywork for GM!! Same with flower prices. It’s almost cheaper to buy vs grow.

Shitty luck on burning the crude. This is why I and a few others were really HOPING eastcoaststrange would have posted his sop for thenspd run he just did with the help from the experienced spd guys on here. He kinda dipped out after he got the help he needed.


What temp were you Roto vapp at to get decarboxylation?

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I just start cranking her up until I see her bubbling. I dont think it does it 100%. So I’m guessing purging ot in the oven finishes it off. I use this crude for edibles as well. I do decarb that as well. Takes about 3 mins or less in oven at 293* until all bubbles are gone

Are you using a water bath or oil bath

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Distilled water

the separation came from your VG not the peg
PEG works great and binds to distillate like white on rice !