Credit card processing for 420 and CBD dispensary

We provide credit card processing for 56 dispensaries at this moment…online sales too…for marijuana and CBD sales

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Great. What else can you tell us? Got a website?

What about for the GLG?


Need more details pls.

So does @CBDHempire what sets you apart ?


I’m shopping around currently for my online hemp derived cbd store. If you have some pricing to share please do.


He DM’d me asking me to call him so I’m not sure he’s sharing much publicly. I haven’t called him either so I have nothing to share.

if its for a store just use square. They don’t openly restrict CBD/hemp but if you ask they will say no. Just in case don’t openly tell them hemp/CBD but more “retail sales of essential oils and extracts”, use a separate program for POS/inventory and just run the total under a misc. item. You can read the TOS on the site. Their only verbiage is this:

  1. use the Services for any illegal activity or goods or in any way that exposes you, other Square users, our partners, or Square to harm; or

I’ve been with square for many years now with multiple stores and we have a great relationship. I like them so much I even bought stock.


anyone use square for a medical dispensary? haha

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What rate would you provide to an online B2C and B2B CBD operation?