Crc randomly coming out orange and crackling when dabbed

So I’ve been having a lot of success w the crc method and banging out some strait clear stable shatter. But sometimes is comes out orange, sappy and sparkles when I dab. And when it does that it tastes horrible. Non sellable imo. What could it be? Things I think it might be: media coming thru (doubtfully because I have 4 filter plates w 2 micron paper ( one being sintered and 5 micron)
Or leftover alcohol from not drying after cleaning.

What all media are you using?

T5, silica, aluminum (all carbon chemistry, I took dred pirates class and use him method)

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What order for media and all the filters?

Bottom to top

Clay, silica, clay, alumina, clay

Filters vary, I tried placing them in different order after the first time it happened. Was all good and then last night happened again

You mentioned alcohol be more specific on your solvent please I may have an idea

For cleaning that is. Solvent is n butane

Have any pics of the concentrate

Is the last paper filter on the sintered disk? I’m assuming.

And sparkles, like a sparkler?

Why are you using so many filter media’s?


I’ve done the sintered disc at the bottom and one from the bottom and had same problem

It’s how I was taught and it’s working a majority of the time

And it’s more of an intense sizzle then a sparkle. Like unpurged wax. Also the smell reminds me of a cross between cannabis terpenes, true terpenes and cleaning products

Should I be placing a paper filter directly on the sintered disk?

I can’t figure out how to paste a pic. I copy it from my phone photos but it won’t paste

I think channeling or some other reason (pressure/pressure swings) could be tearing your filter paper.

How do you pack it?

I would put the paper filter on the sintered disk and have it last, but you said it still happened with it that way.

The little upload arrow at the bottom of the reply box for pics

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For cleaning is it isopropyl alcohol ? I’d say it’s safe to say if so then you’re experiencing a residual moisture from it.