CRC noob

So I’ve tried the searches first but feel free to point out any I missed. I’ve seen a ton of interesting talk on here about CRC and applications and usage. But if I’m a complete newcomer coming into hemp and cannabis.

What is CRC and what is the basic overview of it? Its all latin to me without that.

Thanks ahead of time

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basically go to the beginning of that. if you searched and read everything you found including that entire thread, you wouldn’t be asking that.

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@jphealy, Color Remediation Cartridge… C.R.C.

What it is, is in its acronym. Anymore than that, you’ll need to do some research.

And you can search for @AppalachianExtractor in the thread.

He’s a hemp CRC processor

Here’s a good post that doesn’t have thousands of replies, that has a general discussion of what the process is.



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Start in the clear bho scam thread…that’s when we were all noobs. Then move on into the crc thread and it should make more sense


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