Crc clog


I am new here and pretty new to the game

I’ve been running a closed loop system 5lb material column with a small crc column run at the bottom of material column. We recently had to replace our recovery pump and now for some reason the crc column is clogging on almost every run. If I shut the system down for about 10 minutes and start it back up it flows almost at a normal rate for the rest of the cycle. Any help is appreciated!

More information needed. Tell us the steps you’re taking, like how you run and how you pack the crc, picture of your rig and what pump were you using and did you get the same pump. Also the search bar up top on the right is a very powerful tool. I was having all kinds of problems what fix em was reading reading reading reading and then more reading. The information you seek is on this forum.

Did you happen to type “CRC clog” into the search bar?

You really ought…

If you need anyone to actually understand what you’re doing, I recommend a couple or three 1k word substitutes to get the gist across…

What is the pressure differential when it works vs doesn’t?

Assuming you have gauges in the appropriate locations…

we’ve ran into clogged crc’s several times at our lab. found that pre baking out powders and presoaking them with solvent helped alot if youre not already. we also have our crc’s in jacketed columns and hitting them with a pre heat at 140f for 5 minutes would prevent them from clogging as well. depending on what style micron plate you use, upping the push psi will help as well.