Crash out after ethanol winterization of bho??

I am certain this question has been answered before, I am just unsure how to find it, and I feel like I need to post something to contribute in some way after spending so much time reading endless threads of wildly interesting scientific collaboration (junior varsity scientific, with some clear professionals guiding people through).

My question; what is the bottom layer in the picture, I assume it’s lipids and such that managed to evade filteration on first winterization… But it formed while at room temperature. And I would hate to accidentally lose my (insert cannabinoid here) due to ignorance.

Thank you. This is by far the most informative forum on cannabis I’ve ever seen. Slow clap

Aka DaDijonDon


You are correct.


What solvent is this product dissolved in in this picture? It could be silica gel that made it thru ur filter setup.

test via tlc, taste, titrate, or subout to analytical lab

This is undewaxed BHO that I disolved in 710 ethanol, winterized once, and… I must have done a second filter through fritted buchner to get it that clear… then put jar down and that snot colored stuff precipitated out at room temperature. It seemed to concentrate quite a lot by the time I got around to

looks good to me dude. Its fats/lipids ect (junk) throw it back in the freezer for 24hrs take out and filter with 2-3 unbleached filters.

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