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Hey guys, New here but I have been following future 4200 on Instagram for a while. I am currently going for a small craft grow license in the state of Illinois, and wanted to expand my horizons and possibly meet other people that could be asset to our company, or other people that are possibly going for the same license. We are located in Rockford about an hour and a half west of Chicago. We do have some job openings if someone does have legal experience on paper and is interested in a job, you are more than welcome to email your resume to thank you so much guys and I look forward to meeting some new people!

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What’s your growing medium? I prefer rdwc systems for their simplicity, round costs, extra yield. All in all it is the best system I can think of for any commercial operation. Turns quality flower every time too. If you end up going this route, I can be of assistance.


That is actually what we are planning on using! We are also using 90 1000w dual ended HPS for our flower rooms that take up 2500sqft of canopy space. Starting off with 2 flowering rooms and expanding as the state allows for more canopy space down the road


Fuck yeah! Well, if you need any help getting it up and online, this is absolutely my specialty.

Just got off a conference call with current culture a couple hrs ago. Setting up a system in Seattle right now.

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Send me an email so I have your contact info and we can discuss in further detail soon!

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Hi @Mattn, I’m working with teams on Craft Grow, Infusion and Transportation Licenses, as well. Would like to create a cooperative community within the state. Let’s catch up soon.

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And @FicklePickle, of course!

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I come from landscape, floral culture/ nursery production for my 9-5 job…Would love to discus and see what I can offer in terms of professional services.

Would love to contribute to a cooperative community with in Illinois.

Nice @ShtoobsGnome! So, I can only tell you what I hear until more information comes out from the state before the existing July 1 award date. The good news is that many groups were able to submit applications for the Craft Grow, Infuser, and Transportation licenses, which means gardening skills will be in demand. The bad news is that the awarding of those licenses may be pushed back until further notice in the same way the awards for the next round of Dispensary licenses were. And even if they are not delayed, you’ll have to put in some work to avoid the shenanigans that many companies here participate in, such as spreading rumors about “dangerous” product in order to manipulate consumer purchases.

My interpretation is that the current delays are meant to protect the revenue of existing dispensaries and cultivation sites and continue to centralize wealth through political power as is the American way. I recently read an article that Illinois dispensaries are in fact hiring so that’s an option if you want to go that route. As far as the co-operative - I haven’t personally found much success in organizing people around the idea of exchanging information for the collective benefit, but there are still stones unturned. However, I do speak regularly with a small group of people that are passionate about learning, sharing knowledge of their respective backgrounds and who aren’t necessarily interested in jumping on the manufacturing line under the traditional corporate hierarchy. Are you familiar with outdoor grows or is the 9-5 in a greenhouse? How have your interactions gone with cultivators (if that applies) so far?


I am located downstate.

The craft licenses are all going to be indoor grows, right? I don’t know if it says that specifically in the rules, but the security requirements would seem to dictate indoor production only.

100%, it’s interesting to hear about the “dangerous” product rumors - knowing the existing players that’s projection at its highest level. To create an effective collective, you have to cover every vertical. I’m sure you know all about the complete disregard dispensaries + cultivation centers have towards the equal pricing statute. Luckily I was able to steer my clients away from the “social equity incubator” programs so if they win, they’ll be independent and definitely open to forming alliances with like minded operators.

And given that the craft grow+infuser+transport deadline was extended twice, I’d guess the award date will also be.

I hope to expand my horizons into processing. I’m willing to bounce ideas around if anyone is willing to listen and provide feedback.

Right, indoor. Federal Register: “standards for enclosed, locked facilities under the Act (Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act)” and “which must be cultivated in all stages of growth in an enclosed
and secure area.”

The Notice of Emergency Rules include: oversight, recordkeeping, security, facilities, procedures to suspend/revoke, rules on transportation, testing and oversight on the administration of the Act.

@LordIlpalazo Lots of placing to bounce off of in here, my friend. Tons of expert level reading that I don’t understand half the time.

Yup, and when you get into the retail market and you’re no longer relying on your personal relationship with the cultivator or processor then its a total he said she said for the consumer. It’s not true until it’s breaking news (blech).

I’m actually not at all well versed in the equal pricing statute, but would like to hear more.

Social Equity programs are established on very well meaning principles, which I believe are essential to the release of a new commodity. BUT, each and every state has seen a manipulation of this program. It’s like getting accepted into a Top Tier University without the financial aide package necessary to attend. Worthless for many disadvantaged participants IMO. You’ll need investors or to qualify for an absurd $$ amount in loans.

I’d also be interested in hearing more about what you means in regard to the incubator program, because I wasn’t aware the applicant would then be obligated to form the alliance. Although, it does make sense.

I would think a delay is highly possible, too. I’ll guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Thank you for the response.

I could see how the state might interpret the word “enclosed” to mean indoor, but the two words are not synonyms. The grow could be enclosed by a wall. I have read that in Jamaica they do it that way. There is a guard with an ak47 sitting on each corner of the wall. But as for our rules, it will be a matter of how the state interprets them.

Sure, that sounds like it could be effective in Jamaica. Given the state’s need for assurance of a perpetual grow; I would think that would indicate the enclosed space will need a ceiling in order to produce year round tax revenue.

I volunteer to stand in my deer stand in my bathrobe Mr Lahey style and protect your grow. I’m a concealed weapons permit holder. And even have a AK if that’s the look you want lol

That’s the spirit! I think the issue all state regulators run into is they get their information from experts who are going to design the regulations to fit what is most profitable for them and the larger companies they are associated with. While this provides some insight into how a new commodity should be introduced it doesn’t address that everyone should be allowed to grow this plant for themselves and their family without fear of legal consequences. The issue with not having legal consequences is that beginners and shady experts are just as likely to cause potential harm to the consumer either by lack of knowledge or lack of concern for the safety of others. The issue with high powered rifles is that sometimes the people holding them turn them against each other.

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