CounterCurrent CO2 Separation for THC Remediation

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Tried to dig up some stuff on CounterCurrent LLE for THC remediation. Was told that this may be a more sustainable option than HPLC due to the solvent consumption of HPLC.
Was told that CounterCurrent CO2 Separation was more sustainable.

Nothing I found on here about CounterCurrent LLE was concerning separating cannabinoids.

Is this a viable option for THC remediation?
I’ve never used the CounterCurrent myself for anything. So I am very very new to it. Not as smart as most the people on this forum etiher lol. But any info/advice/thoughts would be appreciated!

I used CC in pharma to separate out oligos, using a membrane. Its a very useful tech, but you would need a pretty knowledgeable operator.


I really can’t see how LLE is going to separate cannabinoids since thc and CBD are so very similar in solubility… Though I suppose with tight enough parameters anything’s possible?

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LLE certainly can separate them (CPC is fundamentally just a very specialized form of LLE). Don’t know anything about co2 LLE though. Sounds like a very complex system.


Yeah that’s what I am not really understanding either. He didn’t say much more than “Counter Current CO2 separation” and that “Its more sustainable”.
Are people using CPC for THC remediation a lot? Last I heard, it was a lot tougher than it was made out to be, and no one really had one producing any sort of real volume. I’ve seen the Rotochrom and Gilson beast, but don’t know anyone who is running em.

Sounds interesting. Were you using CO2??

Yah I can certainly see CPC being more relevant to this. But yah, wildly complex lol

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No sir, aqueous.

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