Cost of goods: Ethanol Extraction

Did a search on this and couldn’t find anything. Has anyone broken down the cost for extraction utilizing ethanol for a kilo of crude? Example cost of labor, electricity, rent, filtration, testing, etc. down to the single kilo.
If so, curious what everyone is seeing.

everyone is going to give you a different answer if they even answer. too many variables. rent, electricty cost, blah blah blah…

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Absolutely, the point is to understand the COGs of different areas folks are doing business.

Maybe If You make a sheet in exel send that to @Future hè can post iT and who ever feels like iT can place their data
In the sheet adding the expenses they are aware of
This might give a global vieuw of cost

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Great idea!

I’ve seen people using numbers anywhere from <$5/kg to >$100/kg. Costs are heavily influenced by your technology choice and local energy cost, along with all of the things that beluga mentioned.

If it helps any
I can -60c wash, spin dry , 100um, 73um, 25um, 11um, 3um celite filter and recover 5lbs biomass in 5hrs with 5l rotovap, panda spinner

5hrs labor (2 filter , 3 rotovap )
Ethanol start 10L lose 1L total $25 gal
20lbs dry ice $.69 lb
3000 watts power consumption for 3hrs
3 filter papers $2.00
Celite $2.00