Coronavirus impacting you?


Wondering if you think Coronavirus is going to impact your business or if it is just hyped up by the news.

Let me know your thoughts. I think the news is hyping it up so much that our day-to-day business lives are being impacted. I don’t think it’s going to be more deadly than the Flu or other illnesses we face every year. Just my opinion though (Jon).

This short article shows how our business has been impacted, super short one.

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There was no iso at target yesterday to clean my bong :frowning:


Fingers crossed it turns out not to bad.

WHO just stated it has a 3.4% mortality rate, which compared to seasonal flu at 0.1% is quite stark.


In lab supplies, we’ve been out of masks (of any kind) for a month with the current estimated ship date being July from our supplier. We’ve just had a run on hand sanitizing wipes which are now also on back order until July. We’ve seen a few manufacturers with extended back orders on equipment due to parts shortages, but not many at this point. Hopefully it can be contained quickly!


Is there still Everclear at the liquor store?


Went to meijer to grab my son a lego kit. A 40’ wall space just for lego products. They had a total of 10 boxes. It looked like a store shelf from the walking dead.


Probably but california everclear is max 151 proof. Better than nothing I suppose

85.00 for 5 gallons of 99% iso, shipped. That’s my cost.


I do know that there is a shortage of knockoff cart packaging now.


It seems like a couple different suppliers are now getting back to work. It seems like China has theirs somewhat under wraps?

i know a supplier with mask text me.

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Who needs fluff fake ass packaging anyways.

Good, glad its difficult to scam ppl.


Where from

I agree. Its funny watching these guys panic because they can’t get raw garden boxes anymore


Woah, That is a lot higher than I thought.

Has anyone seen a spike in sales due to coronavirus? Could CBD help in anyway? I know there are no proven studies on this, but out of my own curiosity I would really like to know what you have to say.

They are saying the mortality rate of the flu is fewer than 1% not .1% just to clear

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Been waiting for 2 months on china gear :weary:
Loosing my extraction window of last harvest :cry:
But o well shit happens any thing in cannabis industry takes 3x more time to realize than expected


I just threw out a box of roves… feels good man


yeah thats clear they just said its fewer than 1%. I said 0.1% because thats the number that is commonly cited for mortality rate of the seasonal flu in the US

Like you say no proven studies, but considering the neuroprotective potential of THC and CBD I would rather go with it than without.