Cooking oil -thc seperation

Anyone know if we can get a good seperation of cannabinoids from lets say avocado oil (or insert a better choice?) through means of distillation?

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“180° C. to 260° C., 10−3 mmHg to 10−2 mmHg”

I might have to first gather this fraction then i may use this refined oil to dissolve thc and then seperate it later.

US7863472B2 - Process for producing refined avocado oil rich in triglycerides, and oil obtainable by said process - Google Patents triglyceride rich oil and

Does it have to be via distillation?

I don’t know the answer to your question, yet,.and distillation may be the most efficient means, just asking for now.

Was thinking L/L using various solvents but unsure which if any and how efficient that may be.

Yes i want to eliminate solvent use

You will be dealing with very high temperatures with the addition of another oil which also is subject to thermal breakdown as an organic compound itself. The temperatures involved trying to fraction oil out of oil at first glance would be the technical problem to overcome. It would be a huge technical problem.

The other enormous tech problem is the reality of distillation. If there are two compounds in a boiling flask then there will be two compounds in the receiver of a traditional distillaition. The lower boiling compound will be enriched but there will always be at least some of the higher boiling compound that hopped a ride on the lower. If avacodo oil and its breakdown products are pleasent to vape then no worries. If not then you are looking at a long series of distillations I believe to seperate the two oils. Organic solvents evaporate at such a radically lower temp than the target compound it makes it simple to purge. Purging avacodo oil would require high tech and lots of power.

The simple test of course is to distill some avacado oil by itself and see how it turns out.


Ill be refining some avocado oil first and recording its parameters

On another note I tried a dab of sauce at the cup last week from a big name company and i got a slight taste of burning coconut oil. I didnt say anything. Either contamination or what im thinking is… They use a very low (<5%dillution of cocont oil in order to lock in terpenes or rather preserve them


I love avocados


If I super saturate thca in an oil with a low freeze point such as cottonseed oil (-48 C) and slowly freeze I wonder if I can crash the thca


Honestly, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to separate two oils with such high affinity with one another. Perhaps you could use chromatography, but that’s going to require a very specific resin, which I don’t think exists.

Your best bet is to do a liquid-liquid Extraction, but that will require a solvent that has more affinity for cannabinoids than vegetable oil, I could see you having to have a very high pH aqueous solution to pull the cannabinoid away from the oil. Or even a carrier molecule, but that’s beyond my chemistry knowledge…I forgot that part of ochem ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Like vegetable glycerin?

Heyo! Did you ever try this? Very curious about your idea here.

Have yet to try

This is what scares me about decarbing in a roto full of avocado oil. Sucks enough to have an evaporator flask break into a water bath, but to have it happen in an oil bath would be a miserable time.