Conversion Rate to Isolate

Hey was wondering if i could get some help on crunching numbers. Assuming i have 5%, 8%, and 10% biomass, how many KG of isolate should i expect to make out of 1000lbs of material.

I am expecting 1000lbs of 5% biomass to yield 15kg of isolate.
I am expecting 1000lbs of 8% biomass to yield 23kg of isolate.
I am expecting 1000lbs of 10% biomass to yield 27kg of isolate.

I was thrown off the other day when I was told 1000lbs of 10% should yield 20kgs. Obviously, every lab is different. I am curios as to what is theoretical vs actual. If the 20kgs for 1000lbs of 10% is an inefficient process or the 27kg from the same base material is just an outlandish daydream. Starting to get into the isolate game, just wondering what I should expect and what i should strive for.

Our rough conversion from an un-winterized 55% crude is about 2.5 kg to 1 kg of isolate.

The fact that they sell biomass in pounds in this country instead of kilos is annoying as hell.

Anyway, assuming you have 454 kilos of biomass at 10% CBD, 20 kilos of isolate sounds like an incredibly low yield. Where does the other 25.4 kilograms of CBD go? I understand you only get about 80-85% of available cannabinoids from biomass (in a cold etoh extraction anyway) and that you’ll inevitably lose some during processing, but only having a 44% yield from total potential yield??