Consumer based remediation

Im thinking of doing an experiment. But probably wont so im hoping someone else will try. @Beaker ?

Im wondering if Dabbing through different sized/types of rigs, and also different solutions of liquid in the rig, and lastly temperatures of those solutions could effect the amount of certain pesticides consumed. Also looking to test how those variables not only effect pesticides but also thc and terpene levels.

The experiment is going to need a few different style rigs, a pesticide ridden oil that contains a range of terpenes and has a recent lab test. Also need a few ideas on what types of realistic solutions to fill the rigs with.

Dabs will be melted on an enail for steady temperature readings and pulled through the rig via vacuum assist from a very small chamber. Maybe even a beaker and wrench mason jar adapter can be used along with a vacuum tee/valve combo. That way each test can be condensed into its own cryo chilled jar.

Any ideas are appreciated.

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