Consulting: What should one expect from a verified consultant?

I want to open a discussion of what I should expect hiring a verified consultant, I have hired a consultant and I am disappointed to say the least. My goal is to convert CBD to Delta-8 to CBN. I hired the consultant early December and was very clear that I had run many successful distillations but had no experience in reflux, or chromotography. The consultant claimed he could teach me easily, but I was given the SOP and ingredients to purchase and was told Iodine is easy to make yet every discussion on here leads me to believe it’s not that easy to produce Iodine and was told it can be made clean with no contaminants.
I am still on the CBD to Delta-8 after a month and I am shocked that the consultant does not have a single picture or video of the process or the reflux setup for the process!?! How could you not have any videos or pictures but then teach someone knowing that person has no experience in the process or terms. I have now ran the CBD to Delta-8 three times and all lab tests have little change from starting materiel, I am very frustrated that I have paid this consultant who said he would fly out and teach me in person but now says he is busy with personal stuff?

Am I expecting to much asking for pictures and videos of the process? I mean it’s 2020 we are all acustumed to pictures and videos for learning. I do not want to move forward with the Iodine steps of this method if I can’t even get the proper help with the ‘easy part’ of this process.

Input, help, and where should I go from here



Have you asked them to return the deposit? Did you sign a contract?


who was the consultant?

CBD -> D8 is age old, a quick hit of that search bar and you should be able to figure out the method yourself, its a straight forward conversion.

D8 -> CBN is a little bit more tricky, and requires actual understanding of chemistry. Dont use iodine or sulfur, both of those methods are garbage and dangerous (more so I2, sulfur yields horribly). hit up @anon93688 for consulting on CBN
Im currently making my CBN with something much much safer than i2 or S, but cannot share any details.


I did not sign a contract, that is dumb on my part. I trust this site and did not expect that from a verified consultant, it’s not that he is not messaging me back but how am I suppose to learn without an understanding of what each process looks like, I expected more, and the fact that they are to busy to fly out here now and cannot provide pictures and the process not working rubs me wrong.

I would rather not say the name publicaly on here but will Private message you.

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Thank you. It seems very straight forward your right and I am not sure why it is not working. My temps are right, using Heptane & T5, only thing I could be messing up on is understanding the proper reflux setup for the method. I have looked up a reflux setup and it is very simple but confused by adding vacuum as I was recommended. If I saw pictures or video of the actual process the person teaching me used it would be stupid simple I am sure

i personally never reflux under vacuum, typically its not needed unless something is super thermosensitive


Lol those are the same videos I watched, thank you though. There seems to be no one refluxing with an actual reflux setup on this site, it seems it’s not a setup as much as a method. Thanks for reaching out man!

Who was the consultant. They were a verified consultant here? Please dm me at the least who it is

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@Siosis I agree that we need to know who these people are. If you find out let me know please.

I will get back to this…no time for detective work currently


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D8 is too easy, people do it by accident.

I haven’t heard of folks making it with an Alkane solvent tho- just reflux it with enough alcohol to let the molecules move around, under vac is fine

The cbn synthesis conversions are sort of nightmarish imo. There has to be a better way than stinking sulfur than purple shit iodine method.


I already have a homework assignment :sunglasses:


Damn son, someone be fucking up the count.

We need some accountability here.

It wasn’t me.

I have like 4 people waiting on SOPs from me but I’ve been hella busy and only recently had time to tackle the projects. because, in order for me to be comfortable accepting money for a cannabinoid conversion sop, I need to run the rxn, verify that my procedure works and do a series of test optimizations and come up with the best possible methods before I can call it a standard operating procedure.

When getting into cannabinoid conversion SOPs, make sure the consultant has actually run the reaction before. Otherwise you’ll be very sad :cry: when you need to troubleshoot something and they are of no help.


Did you tell said consultant that you weren’t happy with the results and would like your money back?


You paid for an in person consult. Until that happens, you didn’t get what you paid for.

That is the number one reason to have a contract. So everyone’s expectations are put down on paper ahead of time.

Reminds me of Arrested Development.


Could you set up a thread to give protocols on choosing how to set up with a consultant and what to expect such as NDA and contracting.?

@davidb has point. Accountability should be taken. That’s not saying remove the tag but for them to make it right. I view your verified consultants as the guardsman of the gang. They reflect the integrity of this forum. If you had verified consultants doing incidents such as these than credibility of the forum would be less.

I have no doubt you already been looking into this but the consultants has the be held a higher stander than any vendor or slanger. We’re a forum of knowledge. These chosen few are a direct reflection of the community.

Also one last thing. Can you and @sidco create specific tag description for consultants in the art they are knowledgeable in? I’m thinking if you click there icon/username the first initial showing of there description. another option is making every consultant make a thread and it’s permalinked on that first description. Customers can write reviews if they want and will make it easier for them to choose. Also make the reviews where you can only write in anonymous mode. This will Protect the client and if it’s a negative one than it automatically notifies y’all to take care of these issues swiftly.

Just food for thought


Wait a min… Haha

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Verified consultants have nothing to do with the GLG

So far I have 1 person saying they had a bad experience with 1 verified consultant. That’s amongst quite a few who have had great experiences with this person.

Similar to the @kingofthekush420 situation

The smart ones already have


I see 22 verified consultants. Ya I’m the group leader so it puts me in there, but I’m not doing any consulting rn