Consulting services available at half price

Doing my consultation services half priced for this week, get in where you fit in, I’ll be taking on new work here soon & will be releasing new products as well as having others verified, coas to come & sops to run all day baby


Where u out of

Based in Nevada but travel all over coast to coast

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Half priced all week dont sleep

To start off the new year right let’s get a fire sale going

Got half priced fees all week get in where you fit in


Looking to fill a couple spots on my list who needs help with anything dm me I got an entire list I can consult on

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What’s half price

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Well considering most people bundle sops with me I give a fair rate depending on the sops they’re also inquiring. Typically less than 2500 total, given most consultants charge 200/hr I think I’m fairly priced.

For this week dropping to 1500 Including 2 sops & onsite with terms.

Doing some sops for 500 this week dm to find out if we have a solution for you :call_me_hand:t3: