Consulting Needed

Name: Shawn
Company Name: Ziply Extracts
Contact Info: DM please
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Team Size: 10

Services Offered: Pre filled Carts
Rates, if public:
States Available in:
Insured?: yes
OLCC Workers Permit?:

Looking for someone to assist is with SOP for terpene distillation, we are a new lab hoping to make distillates & terpenes. and possibly any Cannabis Diluent, ( not food grade or any other BS has to come from marijuana plain and simple )

thank you

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I was told that @Killa12345 was thew man to talk to about mining terps.


I wish. Lol. We tried cold boiling terps with nitrogen under high vacuum to slight success if you wanna call it that.

On the other hand. I did buy a liter of hemp terpenes from @colombiabeneficial and I love them. Reach out to him if you want my source. After dealing with the cops for this liter. I will not ship terpenes that really smell like weed. These smell legit and cops don’t like that


My mistake. :grimacing::sweat_smile:

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He has shared his technique. He is using an industrial mint extractor. I was told it took over 500lb of hemp flower to extract a liter of terpenes.

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I can provide you with SOPs for terpene distillation as well as a testing and optimization strategy to get different categories of terpenes. I am an experienced distiller and a chemist with a B.Sc. and M.Sc. Please inquire.


@drjackhughes is who you want to talk to.


I second that.

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I could point you in the right direction for large scale terp extraction

please, lets discuss further DM or ?

Don’t use steam distillation for CDTs if you can avoid it. The main advantage is easy scaling but then you have wet material. Smaller labs may not want to deal with this since people can have allergic reactions.

850g from 500 lbs of fresh hemp! Yikes, especially since steam still which gives more junk that will push up your final weight. I hope that’s grinding up the whole plant.

I can show you how to extract cannabis derived terpenes with no distillation. Shoot me a DM if interested.

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Of course if one has the money they can buy tandem techs 169k solventless tech. But the efficiency isn’t awesome.


Yes you can, but it will build heat at the same time as the hydrocarbon gas gets more compressed. Nitrogen will give you a good pressure boost with no real added heat cause the nitrogen is still high pressure at very low temperatures.

If you add pressurized hydrocarbons instead of nitrogen, you are pressurizing the hydrocarbons already in the tank with more of the same molecules. Since hydrocarbons will be at a much higher temperature at much lower pressures than nitrogen, this will cause the tank to heat up more quickly. As pressure builds, some of the hotter, pressurized gas layer will liquefy under the vapor pressure, which will transfer some of that heat energy from the gas layer to the liquid layer. This means that the pressure generation is not 100% efficient as some of your pressure will be lost to the liquid layer in this fashion.

For crude, this works just fine. You can use higher temperature solvents for crude without too many issues, especially butane. For live resin, you’re gonna have problems.

If you have a system that can recycle vapor from the recovery tank back through the chiller like many of the Bhogart systems I’ve used, you can use this to quickly drop your pressure back down after performing this maneuver.