Consultation and Demo Facilities

Howdy! I have two facilities available for off-site demos, consultations and group classes. I’m leveling up and leveraging what I have now to help others and assist in my ascent. Is this valuable to anyone?
Thank you


Where are you located?

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What about a whipe film class?


@future a few miles west of portland.

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Hash friendly, both proccessing and consumption?

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@Future what tek do you want to showcase?

we do wiped film classes in san diego,California

Are you still offering this? I’m located in southern Or and would like to get together. Hit me back with some more info. Thanks

we are located in southern California. We have a full lab with distillation equipment, alcohol recovery units both lab scale and bulk, wiper units both lab and large scale. we also do pesticide removal, color removal, training on solvent recovery and purification methodology and fabrication of equipment

I’ll be in socal the 3rd week of Sept. Would I be able to stop by your facility while I’m in town?