Concentrate weighing WTB

Looking for equipment to accurately weigh concentrates (budder, sauce, hte) and drop in jar. Diamonds seem too fragile but others seem possible.

Anything out there? Thanks!

a scale…?

EDIT: Nevermind lol

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I think he’s asking about an automated system that weighs out grams of concentrate and puts into jars?

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ahh. now I feel like a dick lol


Lmaoo I could be wrong! @Procan1 ???

I don’t think there’s a machine that can do this.
In my mind if the thickness is uniform then you can correlate an area to a weight. So if your slab is uniform thickness you should be able to stamp out an area with uniform weight. Just vary the thickness or area to make it a gram

I don’t think there’s a machine out there specifically for this but I’ve got an idea or two of how to make it work in a 2-3 stage semi-automated system depending on what product you’re trying to gram out. Diamonds and sauce would be easiest in my opinion. Badder is probably doable too, but you’re looking at different setups for the various textures and it’ll definitely get very pricey.

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there are machines like this for liquid injection/viscous solid distribution . Weigh Filling Machines | Automatic Weighing & Dispensing

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we use a similar machine for weighing samples. but much smaller

Lol. I figured someone would suggest a scale :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking for an automated dispenser

You can use a cart farmer for hte

Thank you