Concentrate/shatter long term storage


Whats the best method you all have found to store slabs of bho for long term, 6-12 months?.. current method is after 3-4 days in oven, with one flip after day 2. Then i take out and cover with a sheet of parchment, fold ends and put in foodsaver bags, vacumm, and store in 45-50° jarring room. Months go by and dont seem to lose any flavor or slab consistency.


I store at 35-40f inside food saver bags inside of a large Tupperware plastic case. Same result. Never see any loss of quality. Just like the day it goes in.


I store in the fridge in jars. If it’s long term…as in I wont be getting into it regularly…I’ll use a light proof Tupperware of sorts. It’s always in parchment paper though, folded in a similar bundle. I’ve not noticed a loss of flavor or smell.


Do you guys do anything different if it’s not shatter your storing? If you were to store sauce, would the method be any different?


Wine cooler/ fridge would be best No humidity


same way…i vacuum seal with food saver bags with it in the jar it will kinda vacuum seal the lids to the jar. Then in the tupperware in the fridge which is 35-40F. Same goes for my distillate. All of it vacuum sealed…then placed in a tupperware container…in the fridge!

And if your wondering how big is this tupperware container you talk of…its the complete size of my whole bottom shelf in my refrigerator. i dont know if you have a store by you called “the container store” but they have one here. I measured…went in there and found exactly what i was looking for


Right on. Thank you! Thinking I’m going to need bigger fridges, and freezers.


Sounds like a good problem to have and the fridges don’t seem like they will be a problem.


For sure. Finding everything UL certified makes it a bit more tricky. A lot of the sites I’m seeing don’t list if the unit has the UL stamp. Was gonna reach out in the classifieds to some of the people who slang equipment and see what I can pick a restaurant style fridge and ultra low freezer up for.


Restaurants go outta business daily. There are restaurant equipment auctions almost daily down here. You can pick up large walk in for pennies. You might need a recharge but most can be bought ultra cheap at those sort of auctions.


:pray: will look