Compliant D8

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What you are doing is absolutely selling your product. Zero question about it.


Sure looks to me like your advertising your product for sale


“Don’t worry, I’m telling everyone I’m unverified, so don’t shut it down.” Is not a good way to keep it from being shut down. Easiest two ways are: don’t post stuff you know will get shut down or get verified so you can do what you want.


Ok I’ll repost on my verified account

Thank you, and if you have a verified account, why post it on an unverified one that you know people will get up on arms about? I’m genuinely curious.


Not really a fan of the verification setup on this forum. I see people posting dangerous/shitty products regularly that are “verified” slangers :woman_shrugging: More of a silent protest than anything


My business partners @CO_Chromatography wanted me to inform this forum that we have compliant d8 distillate. The crude oil is testing anywhere from 81-89% d8, no d9 at all. SPD will bring this crude d8 oil up to 99% d8. Please DM me for information.


Are you also @CO_Chromatography? If not, poor form on thread choice. If you are, thank you for showing everyone that you do, indeed, have verification.

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The moment I begin selling products myself. I will be doing the following.

Search bar: “how to become a verified slanger”

Also: $100 barely covers anything. So, please don’t set his as a buy in. Time isn’t free.

Yes I am part owner in @CO_Chromatography

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You have the chromatogram?

Because you have two accounts associated with verification, I would suggest having @sidco grant the verification badge to the @CO_Chromatography account as well. Even if you take issue with the verification process, you went through it and can avoid any issues with selling your products here by getting the badge put on both accounts. Or not… you are absolutely welcome to keep the account free of verification; just know posts like this will be flagged into oblivion.

I’ve said my piece and am happy to leave it at that. Best of luck, and thank you for the replies and clarification.